HSFCon 2021: the first programme items for Sunday 21 November have been announced!

  • Musical GOH speech: Be inspired by Peter Schaap, one of Dutch fantasy’s grand masters. Includes surprise.
  • Book Art workshop: Yes, we know, cutting up books is a crime, but we can make allowances for art, right? Cut them to ribbons with Heidi van der Vloet. And don’t worry, we will provide the books 😉
  • Lecture: Cli-Fi to Ziltpunk. Johan Klein Haneveld talks about how climate change influences science fiction and why it’s relevant to write about it.
  • Panel: Egyptology and fantasy. We still have some room at the table! Would you like to join us as a panellist? Get in touch with us on
  • Film: Fantastical shorts. Jorrit de Klerk and Erwin van Ballegoij picked the best (?) short genre films just for us.
  • Lecture: Life imitating art. Erik Betten talks about his thriller Quarantaine – about a pandemic – and what happens when your horrible fantasy becomes a horrible reality.