Guest of Honor: Kim ten Tusscher

Kim ten Tusscher was born in Twente in 1979 and never really left. She lives with Björn in a house from 1902, and she shares with him a passion for history, travel and adventure. Together they crossed England along Hadrian’s Wall from west to east by bicycle (sleeping in a tent along the way), made a road trip across the southwestern US and camped next to Icelandic waterfalls. On her own, she visited the Lakota Indians. All these trips have one thing in common: they all give Kim loads of inspiration.

Writing stories is Kim’s passion and fantasy is a great way to explore the world around her. She does not shy away from tough subjects, because they challenge her to think without prejudice about what happens in the world around her. It’s no coincidence that Kim’s stories are known for their characters
who are neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’. Her books are thrilling rides, but also show great depth and feeling.

Once Kim had introduced Lilith’s world in 2010, it would not let her go again. She is just as curious about the world in her stories as about the real one. What is behind those mountains? How did this culture grow into what it is now? Each of Kim’s questions turns into a new story. And she can promise you this: there is much, much more to tell.

Kim’s most recent work (‘Vertellingen van de Ondergang’) is a five-part fantasy sequence with a dark edge. English translations of her books are available.

Guest: Sandy Butchers

Sandy Butchers is an author/artist, known for her elaborate dystopian/sci-fi worlds and creature designs. Her life has been like a giant cake but instead of ingredients like sugar, spice, and everything nice, her cake was layered with travel, exploration, myth, and folklore. In a time span of only 5 years, she visited Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Scotland, and decided to live 350km above the arctic circle in Finland for a year. There, in the company of the Northern Lights, the magic happened: Sandy started her first full-length novel, inspired by the myths and folklore she found herself surrounded by in real-world situations. 

She was, however, no stranger to all things fantasy/Sci-Fi. At the age of 14, she had already written her own novella which was picked up by a local publisher and kickstarted her career as the Youngest Author in the Country at the time. Today, she has won several awards in best-selling anthologies (‘Forgotten Ones’ and ‘Dark Magic’ by Canadian Publishers Eerie River Publishing, and ‘Pride’ & ‘Lust’ by Australian Publisher Black Hare Press)  and runs her own sci-fi/fantasy project that combines stories and art in the form of monthly novellas and a selection of collector’s items on Patreon. To top things off with a cherry, Sandy now teaches graphic design and art, and gives lectures about contemporary platforms for writers to explore. For more information on her work, go to