Omrop Fryslân

Omrop Fryslân has put the second HSFCon in the spotlight. HSFCon 2023 was heard on the radio, seen on TV and readable on their website. (Frisian) (Dutch)

#HSFCon2023 #WeLoveItLiterally

HSFCon 2023: Feedback

The second HSFCon is barely over and we would love to receive feedback from you, while everything is still fresh in our minds.

What do you expect from the next HSFCon? What can be done differently? What else? Which guests of honor and guests would you like to see (again)? Do you have suggestions for panels, lectures or workshops? Do you want to help / participate in the next HSFCon? Of course constructive criticism is also more than welcome.

We look forward to receiving your e-mail, via

Team HSFCon
HSFCon2023 #WeLoveItLiterally

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Our thanks go to everyone who contributed in any form or degree to the second HSFCon.

Thanks to all visitors. Thanks to the guests of honor. Thanks to the guests. Thanks to the volunteers. Thanks to the traders. Thanks to all participants. Thanks to the staff of Van der Valk Hotel Sneek. Thanks to everyone who contributed in any form or degree to HSFCon 2023.

We look forward to seeing you at the next HSFCon!

Team HSFCon
#HSFCon2023 #WeLoveItLiterally

Good morning!


421 – The city of Venice is founded (according to legend) together with the church of San Giacomo di Rialto.
1634 – The first settlers, led by George Calvert (Lord Baltimore), arrive in Maryland.
1814 – King Willem I establishes De Nederlandsche Bank.
1992 – Huis ten Bosch, a Japanese amusement park with various replicas of Dutch buildings, opens.
2002 – A massive earthquake occurs in Afghanistan.
2010 – A volcanic eruption in Iceland disrupts air traffic across Europe.
2023 – The first day of HSFCon 2023 will take place in Sneek for the second time. A weekend full of panels, lectures and workshops on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

Good morning!

Team HSFCon.
#HSFCon2023 #WeLoveItLiterally