HSFCon 2022 photos

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Gallery here.

Results of the HSFCon Quiz

17 people participated in the first edition of the HSFCon quiz.

The winners were announced during the closing ceremony:

3rd place: Jo Smith

2nd place: Eddie van Dijk

1st place: Marco Dingjan

Well done!

The full list can be found below:

 NaamAantal goede antwoorden
1Marco Dingjan27*
2Eddie van Dijk27*
3Jo Smit25
4Erwin van Ballegooij24
 6NJH Lieshout24
7John van Duin23
 8Saskia Appel23
9Klara Lammers22
 10John Conahan22
 11Jan Jelle Koerts22
12Edwin Mathlener20
 13Wietske Beeksma20
14Frank Groenendijk18
15Marije Sanders16
16Thijs Scholte11
17Hendrik Scholte10
*) Good thing we had a tie-breaker…

Most people knew:

  • That Clive Barker’s ‘Abarat’ was not made into a movie
  • what Kylo Ren’s scar looks like
  • that Tom Bombadil wasn’t in the Lord of the Rings movies
    what the abbreviation HSF stands for (luckily 😉)

    But only 1 person knew that the spaceship from question 16 was from Lexx.
    The questions about locations in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, the titles of short horror stories and the characters from The Expanse were also unknown to most.

The best answer to question 14 was ‘Thingy from The Expanse’.

About half of the participants should have taken a closer look at the posters for the Eurocon / the pennants that were distributed: it will take place in 2024, not 2023 😉

And did you know that…. If you simply guessed 123,456 on tie-breaker question 40, you would actually come quite close to the correct answer? The difference is only 13,775 words.

Curious about the rest of the answers? You can find them all in the attached file.

HSFCon 2023: Feedback

The first HSFCon is barely over, but we continue at full speed with the preparations for the second HSFCon.

We would like to make HSFCon 2023 even better. What do you expect from the next HSFCon? What can be done differently? What needs to be done differently? Which guests of honor and guests would you like to see (again)? Do you have suggestions for panels, lectures or workshops? Do you want to help / participate in the next HSFCon? Constructive criticism is, of course, also more than welcome.

We look forward to receiving your e-mail, via info@hsfcon.nl.

Team HSFCon
#HSFCon2023 #WeLoveItLiterally

Thank you!

Thanks, thank you, thank you!
We can’t say it enough: our thanks to everyone who, in whatever form or degree, contributed to (the creation of) the first HSFCon.

Thanks to all the visitors. Thanks to the guests of honor. Thanks to the guests. Thanks to the volunteers. Thanks to the sellers. Thanks to all participants. Thanks to the staff of Van der Valk Hotel Sneek. Thanks to the NCSF. Thanks to the Leeuwarder Courant. Thanks to Omrop Fryslân. Thank you to everyone who contributed to HSFCon 2022 in any form or degree.

We look forward to seeing you at the second HSFCon in 2023!

Team HSFCon
#HSFCon2022 #WeLoveItLiterally

15 May 2022

What a second HSFCon day!

We are very curious about your experience. Let us know via info@hsfcon.nl how you experienced this Sunday. Do you have photos or videos that we can share on the website and other social media? Send it to info@hsfcon.nl.

Thank you in advance for your e-mail.

Team HSFCon
#HSFCon2022 #WeLoveItLiterally

2 days to go: HSFCon

HSFCon 2022 will take place at the Van der Valk Hotel in Sneek (NL) on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May 2022. HSFCon is a convention for all fans of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

It will be a weekend filled with panels, talks and presentations about anything that these genres have to offer us, along with a good dollop of science. Feast your eyes and empty your purse at the dealers’ stands, join the workshops and spend some time with fellow fans.

The Van der Valk Hotel in Sneek offers comfortable, affordable hotel rooms, ample function rooms for a wide range of activities and of course a cosy bar for all your deep conversations with friends both old and new.

The programme can be found here.
Questions? Contact us on info@hsfcon.nl or via Facebook Messenger.

Tickets are on sale on our website, but the online ticket portal will close tomorrow.

#HSFCon2022 #WeLoveItLiterally