Johan Klein Haneveld

Johan Klein Haneveld is the author of multiple scifi novels and study books. His short stories have appeared in collections such as Ganymedes and Edge.Zero, and various Dutch language magazines, among which Fantastische Vertellingen, The Flying Dutch and SF Terra. He writes book reviews for Fantastische Vertellingen, and blogs for Modern Myths and Fantasy-schrijven. 2019 saw the publication of not only the fifth part of the Castlefest Chronicles, De gevonden wereld (‘The found world’), but also ziltpunk novella Plastic vriend (‘Plastic friend’), scifi novel IJsbrekers (‘Icebreakers’) and De quantumdetectives (‘The quantum detectives’). All this will be followed in 2020 by a collection of disquieting stories (Ruisreizigers) and a new fantasy novel (Hoeder van de vulkaan, ‘Keeper of the vulcano’). He will also edit a collection of short stories on climate change by Dutch-language scifi authors: Voorbij de storm (‘Beyond the storm’).

Johan lives in Delft in the Netherlands with his wife and works as an editor for the Dutch veterinary journal, Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde. In his spare time he likes to write, tend his four aquariums, read books, watch films and go to zoos and fantasy festivals. 5;\lsdpriorit