Johan Klein Haneveld

It should come as no surprise that Johan Klein Haneveld (b. 1976) has trouble sitting still. Since debuting in 2001 with his SF novel ‘Neptunus’, he has published 24 books in various genres and subgenres. The latest of these are space opera ‘De zwarte schim’ from 2022 and dystopian novella ‘De groene toren’ from 2021, also YA SF novel ‘Het denkende woud’ and future horror novel ‘Scherven vol ogen’. His most recent fantasy novel is 2020’s ‘Hoeder van de vulkaan’. In addition, he edited a collection of climate fiction (‘Voorbij de storm’, 2020) and a collection of pub tales (‘De bar met de duizend deuren’, 2022).

Early March 2023 will see the publication of his 25th book, SF short story collection ‘De laatste verkenner’, to be followed in July by ‘De laatste detective’, published by the Fantastische Vertellingen Foundation. After that, in September 2023, a new collection of climate fiction will appear, entitled ‘Welkom in de broeikaswereld’ and edited by Johan. His short stories have appeared in recent years in collections such as ‘Ganymedes’, ‘Verhalen Vertellers’ and ‘…In de polder’, in magazines such as HSF, Fantastische Vertellingen and SF Terra and online. Some of his stories have been translated into English. In 2022 he won the EdgeZero Award for his short story ‘Ontsnappingspoging’.

Johan is also active in the fantastical genre in other ways. For one thing, he is the regular reviewer of Dutch-language SF and fantasy for ‘Fantastische Vertellingen’ and for another, he is part of the judging team of the SF/Fantasy writing competition organised by Godijn Publishing. Every month, he appears as a guest on YouTube channel ‘Schrijver Omnia’ to talk about SF, fantasy and horror. He also writes a column for the non-fiction editions of HSF magazine and selects his ‘top 5’ on a regular basis for Modern Myths.

If he has any time left besides writing, Johan mostly spends it reading SF novels and comics. He enjoys looking after his five aquariums, in which he keeps turtles, frogs and shrimp, as well as unusual fish, such as cichlids and a freshwater sole. With his wife Bianca he likes to visit zoos and museums. He funds his passions with his job as editor for the Dutch Veterinary Journal.More information, among which a complete list of his publications and books to date, can be found at