We are not in it for the money. We are doing this because we enjoy it and because we think it’s important that Dutch fans can count on having an annual SFFH (HSF) convention.
We are not subsidised, everything is paid for with the organisers’ own money. We even buy our own tickets.
Should we chance to make something of a profit – on which we don’t count at all – this money will be invested entirely in next year’s convention.
You can find an overview of the costs below.

The price of a ticket.

The ticket price includes € 25.00 for unlimited coffee and tea, so that of each ticket sold € 45.00 (or € 35.00 on tickets sold before 1 April 2020) is left to cover all expenses.

These expenses are:
Hire of function rooms, including hotel staff € 3,230.00
Guests of Honour, estimated € 1,000.00
PR (leaflets + promotion) € 1,000.00
Programme booklet and other printed matter € 500.00
Running costs during the convention € 1,000.00
Unforeseen € 770.00
Total € 7,500.00

The organisers are formally jointly and severally liable for any losses. If the balance is positive, the profit will be used as a starting capital for the next conventions. For now, the organisation uses the NCSF bank account, thereby saving several hundreds of euros in banking costs.