Miriam Borgermans

Freedom has always been important for Miriam Borgermans, which is why she used to jump out of aeroplanes and go swimming in wild mountain rivers. As a student of bio-engineering she dreamed of a future roaming untamed, romantic forests, and of living some sort of Thoreau-like life in a wooden hut. But quite unexpectedly she found herself in the crazy world of big finance. Richer in experience, she decided to start exploring nothing but her own imagination. Now she lives with her husband and two daughters in Kalmthout, among the rugged Flemish moors, but not too far from the city.

Miriam lives by the slogan ‘I always wander through the landscapes of my imagination’. Preferably following secret, dusty tracks, and always wondering what is behind the next mountain.

Miriam has won a great deal of praise for her Slaves series of novels – a grand story about power, impotence and different ways of being a slave.

At the other end of the spectrum, her inner rebel is given free rein in her series of bedtime stories for young children – about Annabelleke, the naughtiest child in the world.

In 2019 Raven 3, part five of the Slaves series, was published, as well as a collection of Annabelleke stories: Annabelleke stouter dan ooit (‘Annabelleke naughtier than ever’). List T