Tais Teng

Tais Teng writes books for readers of all ages, whether it’s a My-first-spellbook for child witches or a comprehensive manual for 600-year-old dark lords. Besides all this, he draws pictures of just about anything, from talking teapots to rather beautiful ladies with batwings and ugly little minds. Top of his Christmas list since forever is a lovely Star Wars laser cannon, that he can use to sculpt mountain tops and the minor moons of Jupiter. His most recent books are the picture book Wonderbaarlijke verhalen uit het Duistere Geraniumwoud (‘Wondrous stories from the Dark Geranium Forest’), the collection of ziltpunk stories Orkaanhoeders en Dijkenfluisteraars (‘Hurricane Keepers and Dike Whisperers’) and Phaedra: Alastor 824, an English-language novel set in the universe of Jack Vance.

Together with Jaap Boekestein, Tais is the founder of the typically Dutch genre of ziltpunk, optimistic fiction on climate change that is set specifically in the Netherlands.