Guest: Patrick Berkhof

Patrick Berkhof is the author and architect of the fantasy world of Dizary. He debuted in 2016 with Dizary – Het Levende Systeem (‘The living system’). Since then he has produced four books, such as Demonen van Myradé and the stories of Jalvin. He has also published various short stories in the SF and fantasy genres with other publishers. Patrick’s day job is working as a design engineer on science fiction-like projects, like the development of robots and drones.

His Dizary project is a unique project that is open to guest authors, artists and game makers. Seven books have appeared in this series so far. These include Johan Klein Haneveld’s novella Acmala, Jasper Polane’s Panda and Het zwarte Dat, and Marieke Frankema’s Zielenlezer van Turion. Patrick knew from the start that his made-up world of Dizary would be more than just a book. By now, the world has been expanded with illustrations and 3D prints, soon to be followed by a game. The project will be used for a good cause: help people build up their imagination. Because imagination helps you grow.

The world of Dizary is a massive labyrinth in which various fantasy stories take place. Each story can be read as a stand-alone, but they are all linked with the others. You can discover the greater story by reading more than one Dizary book. Patrick started in 2016 by writing Dizary – Het Levende Systeem. This story is a good introduction into the world. In it, six people meet at a peace guild. Each of them has their own secrets, but still they have one thing in common: a magical sign of punishment on their hand. They have seven days to do a good deed, or else they’ll die.

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