HSFCon 2022: April 2 and 3

Dear HSFCon visitor,

As you no doubt have heard or read, we have decided not to go ahead with HSFCon this year. We were greatly looking forward to meeting you this weekend, but the current situation surrounding the corona virus made it impossible to do so in a safe way. We had everything prepared, a great programme to look forward to and a lot of people who were ready to help out, so it obviously hurt to make this decision. But the alternative, a stunted convention where people might not feel safe, would hurt even more in the end.

Over the past few days we have been working hard and now we are happy to tell you that we have found an alternative date that will suit us just fine: HSFCon will be held in the weekend of 2 and 3 April 2022. The location will be exactly the same: Van der Valk Hotel in Sneek. We hope we can still count on you to be there, and to help us turn it into a warm and wonderful convention. Save the date!

The ticket you bought for November 2021 will remain valid for April 2022!

Should it happen that you can’t or do not wish to join us on 2 and 3 April, we would of course be sorry to hear that. In that case you can have the ticket price refunded by sending us an email on info@hsfcon.nl before 1 January 2022. Use the subject line ‘HSFCon Refund’ and make sure you state the following:

Place of residence:

(We will delete your bank details one week after completing the refund.)

We’re all ready to start again and we hope to see you on 2 and 3 April!

The HSFCon team,

André, Tanja, Paul, Jan, Alice, Heidi

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