Guest: Sonja Boschman

Sonja (b. 1988) graduated in 2015 as an Egyptologist, an academic career that she combined with writing adventure novels set in ancient Egypt. But she loves the future as much as she adores the past. In her writings she therefore combines the genres science fiction and historical fiction/fantasy with her experiences as an historian and her love of (extinct) languages. This not only results in stories with an academic twist, but also in more puns than is probably good for anyone.

It will come as no surprise that the majority of her current projects are set in ancient Egypt, or are vaguely related to it – from a novel that builds on traditional ancient Egyptian mythology to a literal mix-up of SF worlds and the court of Amenhotep III, that she is writing with Marleen Oosterbaan. It will be equally unsurprising that her contributions to HSFCon will be about how history can be a rich source of inspiration not only for fantasy, but especially for science fiction. After all: the past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.

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