Nicole Leclercq

Lovers of steamy urban fantasy will feel right at home with Nicole Leclercq’s English-language book series. Her trilogy centres on Erin, a young woman who mysteriously survived a ritual as a child. This ritual gave her the powers of the creatures who at one time did not survive, and their spirits will not leave her be.

In Nicole’s first book ‘Touched by Madness’ Erin want to rid herself of the spirits so badly that she returns to her birthplace in search of answers. But the problem is that in doing so, she attracts the attention of a sexy vampire who may want to kiss her or suck her dry. She soon realises that she’d better keep him at arm’s length…

‘Touched by Madness’ was voted ‘best paranormal’ by the readers of ManyBooks in December 2019. Nicole’s books are not unlike those by Charlaine Harris (best known for the True Blood TV series) and Kim Harrison.

To readers who sign up for her newsletter Nicole offers a free copy of ‘Touched by Fear’, a novella about the time Erin spent in a psychiatric hospital, where she was forced to confront the evil doctor stalking her, as well as the seductive spirit of a warlock who keeps trying to tempt her to give in to his demands. You can sign up here:

Besides the Erin Holland series Nicole also wrote the novella ‘Hunted’ in 2021, in which Alana finds out she was descended from fairies. Fairies who will go pretty far to lure her into their world…

In May 2022 Nicole started work as a Business Developer Geothermal heat for the Dutch state-owned energy company. She also minds the cats (and hamsters) in her neighbourhood.