Patrick Berkhof

Patrick Berkhof is the author and creator of the fantasyworld of Dizary. He made his debut in 2016 with Dizary – Het Levende Systeem (‘The living system’). At the end of 2019 his second book Demonen van Myradé (‘Demons of Myradé’) was released. His third book (and a whole lot more goodness) is on the way. He came up with Project Dizary, for which four books have appeared since the start. DIzary is a unique project that is open to guest authors, artists and musicians. For one, guest author Johan Klein Haneveld wrote the novella Acmala – for another, Jasper Polane wrote Panda en het zwarte Dat (‘Panda and the black Dat’).

Right from the start, Patrick knew that the world he created with Dizary would be more than just a book. The world has now been enriched with illustrations and 3D prints. It will be used for a great purpose: to help people develop their imagination. Because imagination helps you move forward.

The world of Dizary is a large labyrinth that acts as the setting for a variety of fantasy stories. Each story can be read on its own, but they always share a link. If you read more Dizary books, you will start to recognise the bigger picture. Patrick started the project in 2016 with his book Dizary – Het Levende Systeem (‘Dizary – The living system’). In this story six strangers meet at a peace guild. Each of them has their own secrets but they also have something in common: a magical brand on their hand. They have seven days to do a good deed, or else they die.