Guest: Marieke Frankema

Like a spider in her web, that’s how Marieke weaves together all the various aspects of her life. A number of those crisscrossing silver threads stand out, thick and shining, because they mean so much to her. Some threads connect her to the stage, a place she likes to be. A musical here, a dinner show there, or maybe just to sing a pretty song somewhere. She also records audio books and is a voice actor in films, TV series and ads, among other things. She helps other people feel better with her Morning Magic and her advice on healthy living, and she offers coaching on spirituality and personal development.

The strongest of all threads is the story thread. Stories come out as silvery lines, curving and twisting through the web of her life. Her stories have been published in Pure Fantasy, Upturn and The S-word, among other publications. She has written eleven books and has seen her stories appear in various anthologies.

New books are on their way. All of them will contain a glimmer of magic, because Marieke just loves to grab the little bits of everyday magic and let them shine through in her stories.

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