Programme Saturday 14 May

Programme Saturday.

Room 1, all day, Board games
Play board games with fellow game fans. There’s always someone up for a game!

Room 2, 1:00 pm, Panel
Music and SF – the connection seems obvious. SF is at the core of a lot of modern music, and music ften has a place in SF as well. Major Tom and Ziggy Stardust are alive. Which are your favourites?

Room 2, 1:00 pm, Panel
Two sides of the same coin – are SF and Fantasy really that much alike? Fantasy and SF are often combined in competitions and anthologies. But should they be lumped together like that? What are the common traits of these genres? How do they differ? And how can the strengths of each be brought to the fore?

Room 2, 3:00 pm, Panel
How do I draw attention to my story? It’s not easy to get your SF, fantasy or horror story published. How creative can you get, which options are there and how do you put those options to use? Martijn Lindeboom talks about this with a number of authors.

Room 2, 4:00 pm, Panel
The influence of game storytelling on books and TV shows. Almost from the very first pixels, computer games have contained elements of the Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. However, this influence goes both ways and ideas from computer games seep through more and more in films, books and TV shows. How does this influence manifest, and how will it develop in the

Room 2, 5:00 pm, Panel
Why is Horror so scary? Some like their horror ‘light’, in other words, a bit spooky. For others horror can never be too gory. But why do we love horror anyway? What does it do to us, and how?

Room 3, 9:50 am, Opening ceremony

Room 3, 10:00 am, Guest of Honour speech
Be surprised and inspired by Kim ten Tusscher’s Guest of Honour speech! Next year will mark the 15 th anniversary of my debut and now I’m here as a guest of honour at HSFCon. In those 15 years I have grown tremendously, both personally and as a writer. Moreover, I have seen the development of our
genre from up close. In my speech I will take you on a trip through those 15 years. What did the writing and publishing landscape look like back then, and what does it look like now? What were my (overly ambitious) dreams and how did I end up with both feet firmly back on the ground? I have plenty of anecdotes, share my highs and lows and tell you why we should be proud of how far we have come together over the years.

Room 3, 11:00 am, Lecture
How to start writing? Do you have a brain full of ideas – or maybe just one idea, or no ideas at all – and would you like to start writing but you don’t know how? In this lecture Saskia Appel gives you some practical tips to get started.

Room 3, 1:00 pm, Lecture
Crowdsource publishing. Sandy Butchers tells you all about the pros and cons of Patreon, Wattpad and other free platforms.

Room 3, 2:00 pm, Lecture
Peter Schaap talks about how technology and fantasy come together in the design and fabrication of tools. Be warned: this is one very contagious hobby 😉

Room 3, 3:00 pm, Nerd craft show
Have you made something that you are proud of, or would you like to get some new ideas? Whether it’s recreating Hogwarts in Minecraft, making clay figures of characters from your favourite show, knitting scarves, or creating a cosplay outfit, come and show (pictures of) your creations and enjoy!

Room 3, 4:00 pm, Lecture
Autobiographical writings about women and aliens: De twaalfde Saturnusmaan. Johanna Lome talks about the choice to put real-life experiences in a fantasy story, and the added value of doing so.

Room 3, 5:00 pm, Lecture
The search for exoplanets and alien life. Have you always wondered about the odds of there being earth-like planets in other solar systems? In this lecture Edwin Mathlener gives you an update on the current research into exoplanets.

Room 3, 8:00 pm, Filk session
We’re going to recreate that good old-fashioned convention feeling with Peter and his guitar, nice and relaxed in a cosy corner. Old filk songs will be present and correct, but Peter will also play some new songs.

Room 7, 11:00 am, Workshop
Composing illustrations: Joachim Heijndermans shows you some examples of how to make the best use of composition when making illustrations. After that, you can pick up a pen and paper and start drawing your own illustration.

Room 7, 2:00 pm, Workshop
Oh! The Horror! How to make a fantastically bad B-movie. Jorrit de Klerk takes you on a trip to the magical realm of bad (?) horror movies. Bring your bizarre ideas to horrible life!

Room 7, 3:00 pm, Workshop
Drabbling: write a complete story in exactly 100 words. Impossible? Not at all. Whether you want to get started in storytelling, or wish to practice the dreaded art of writing a cover blurb, in this interactive workshop Sandy Butchers gives you the basics of drabbling, with fun exercises and prompts.

Room 7, 4:00 pm, Workshop and Q&A
World building. A good fantasy story takes you away to another world. But how to create one of those? Fantasy author Kim ten Tusscher tells you about her working methods, answers your questions, but also set you to work. Forget about all the rules and restrictions of the real world and join in. In this group assignment we’ll create a fantasy world together, complete with landscapes,
peoples, cultures and anything else we can come up with. Anything goes, because there are no rules.

Room 8, 11:00 am, Short films
Theme: ‘Modern time’

Room 8. 1:00 pm, Discussion
All through the house: an animated Christmas-themed horror from the Netflix animated series Love, Death & Robots, based on a script by Joachim Heijndermans. Joachim joins us in a discussion on inspiration, animation and horror for children (?)

Room 8, 2:00 pm, Quiz
The HSFCon quiz. Join in and test your knowledge of books, films, TV shows and more!

Room 8, 3:00 pm, Short films
Theme: ‘Horror’

Room 8, 4:00 pm, Film

Room 9, all day, Sector31
The creative Star Trek platform for the Netherlands!

Room 9, 11:00 am, Workshop
Voyager combadge. Paint your own combadge to take home with you. Do you want it exactly the same as in the show, or do you use your own imagination? Anything is possible. You can find good examples (both replicas and screen-used) at our stand.

Room 9, 1:00 pm, Sector31 Quiz
A fixture of Sector31 meetings is the Sector31 Quiz, in which great prizes are up for grabs. We have given the quiz a special HSFCon makeover for the occasion. Take the challenge and win lovely prizes!

Room 9, 3:00 pm, Workshop
La Sirena combadge. Paint your own combadge to take home with you. Do you want it exactly the same as in the show, or do you use your own imagination? Anything is possible. You can find good examples (both replicas and screen-used) at our stand.